Skipper Dipper

Long Beach Island, New Jersey's favorite ice cream since 1978!

Skipper Dipper: LBI's best ice cream since 1978: hard/soft ice cream, old-fashioned shakes and sundaes, homemade ice cream cakes and much more.

Island Pride, our latest t-shirt style...

mega millions

We're proud to introduce our latest t-shirt style for 2010, a throwback number that we're calling Island Pride -- a super sporty design in summer red and white which one Facebook fan commented "I like it - very '80s - Olympic-y". This design marks Skipper’s first time designing and producing something where we're not necessarily front and center but on the sleeve. We thought the island's t-shirt offerings could use a retro design just like this, and we hope you agree. Made by American Apparel in the US of A and available in all adult sizes in store and on the T-shirt Shop on our website.