Skipper Dipper

Long Beach Island, New Jersey's favorite ice cream since 1978!

Skipper Dipper: LBI's best ice cream since 1978: hard/soft ice cream, old-fashioned shakes and sundaes, homemade ice cream cakes and much more.

Draw, paint, or collage Skipper

Emma's work has inspired us to ask kids of all ages to submit creations of yours truly (Skipper Dipper!) for the chance to see the works featured on our Facebook photo gallery and/or in the shop.  Place your first name, age (for kids under 18), and hometown on the bottom corner of the work, and drop it off in the shop.  We will cherish the works, and unfortunately we cannot guarantee their safe return -- whipped cream and sprinkles are delicious but they go everywhere -- so let us know if you want them back.