Skipper Dipper

Long Beach Island, New Jersey's favorite ice cream since 1978!

Skipper Dipper: LBI's best ice cream since 1978: hard/soft ice cream, old-fashioned shakes and sundaes, homemade ice cream cakes and much more.

Name: Emily S. Hometown: Newtown, PA Season working at Skipper Dipper: 5th Favorite Ice Cream Combination: Vanilla Peanut Butter and Chocolate Peanut Butter or Chocolate and Strawberry, depending on her mood. College: Penn State University Major: Secondary Education, Mathematics Career Goals: Math Teacher Favorite things about the shore: Watching the sunset and collecting shells and sea-glass. Favorite things about the Skipper: The other Dippers and making cakes.

For Emily, returning to the Skipper every year is a point of excitement, because it means seeing many of the friends she had to leave behind when it’s time for school to start.  Recently, she’s also found great enjoyment in making ice cream cakes, particularly when customers have special requests (a picture of Scooby-Doo being her favorite so far).

Of course, Emily enjoys Penn State as well, where she’s studying for a Secondary Education degree which she will eventually use to teach mathematics.  But keeping busy during the Summer is exceptionally easy, as Emily loves collecting seashells and sea-glass on the beach, particularly when it ends with one of the Jersey Shore’s beautiful sunsets.  When it comes to ice cream, she’s a no-frills kind of gal—she's usually craving either a mix of chocolate and vanilla peanut butter  or strawberry and chocolate ice cream.