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Long Beach Island, New Jersey's favorite ice cream since 1978!

Skipper Dipper: LBI's best ice cream since 1978: hard/soft ice cream, old-fashioned shakes and sundaes, homemade ice cream cakes and much more.

A new season gets underway!!

With the season just about to start, we’d like to welcome you back for another great summer on Long Beach Island! It’s been a doozey of a winter for most and we hope that your homes are safe, clean and ready to go for a wonderful summer. We’d like to share some new additions to Skipper’s menu for the upcoming season.

Salted Caramel has achieved permanent menu status.

After running as a special flavor for the past couple of seasons, Salted Caramel has been elevated to regular flavor status! It’ll be in the shop every time you visit this season and beyond.

The closest thing you'll have to a macaroon in an ice cream cone!

Another new perm flavor joining the menu is Toasted Coconut. Made with coconut cream base and chocolate-covered toasted coconut pieces, it's like a walk on a tropical beach.

Soy-based dairy-free vanilla that's so creamy and delicious you wouldn't believe it's not made of milk!

We’re bringing back our Non-Dairy Soy-Based Vanilla for our friends looking for a milk-free option. It’s so rich and creamy, it’s difficult to believe it’s not made with milk. If you don’t see it in the dipping cabinets, just ask your Authorized Dipper for a sample.

Made with homemade marshmallows, the Campfire Sundae is the best of camping without the tent.

We’re introducing a new sundae this season called the Campfire Sundae, inspired by everyone’s favorite camp snack – the s’more. We start with chocolate ice cream, top it with homemade artisanal marshmallows, graham cracker crumbs and hot fudge. We then finish it off with whipped cream and a cherry. Summer perfection without the bonfire.

Dark chocolate crunch pearls made by Valrhona deliver a satisfying crunch

We’ve also added new toppings to the the menu this season. This past winter, we enjoyed an extraordinary sundae at Sorella in New York City where the pastry chef used Valrhona dark chocolate crunch pearls as one of the featured ingredients. We knew we needed to add them to our menu for the upcoming season. Smaller than a pea, they possess a crispy interior covered in dark chocolate: a tasty topping with a delicious crunch.

Toasted Coconut brings a taste of Hawaii to LBI

Also, to compliment the new Toasted Coconut ice cream, we've added toasted coconut flakes to our extensive list of toppings. Another touch of the tropical to LBI.

A classic New England topping comes to the Jersey Shore

Rounding out the new toppings list, we’ve added Grape-Nuts to satisfy our crunch-deprived friends. For those who are fond of getting them at scoop shops along the Cape, you can now find them here at Skipper Dipper on LBI.

Our new picnic tables and benches replaced ones washed away and damaged from Sandy

Beyond the new flavors, sundaes and toppings, we have new picnic tables and benches in the front of the shop. Sandy’s flood waters made off with our largest table, and the three others were so badly damaged that we needed to replace them. With orange vinyl tops and wooden bases, we consider them a nice replacement from our wooden benches, some of which were coming up on 25 years of loyal service.

We’ll be open through Chowderfest this year, and we look forward to welcoming you in the shop and thank you for your continued patronage. Have a wonderful summer!