Skipper Dipper

Long Beach Island, New Jersey's favorite ice cream since 1978!

Skipper Dipper: LBI's best ice cream since 1978: hard/soft ice cream, old-fashioned shakes and sundaes, homemade ice cream cakes and much more.

Happy New Season!

After what seemed like the longest winter ever, school's finally out and summer's officially here!! We are happy to share some menu additions for our 37th season.


Every season, we bid farewell to some flavors that we’re sad to report just don’t sell very well anymore, and we replace them with the most asked for flavor specials from the year prior. Last year, Chocolate Chip Cookie and Nutter Butter on special became overwhelmingly popular, — people would call to see if we had it in stock before coming in — earning both of them slots on the permanent flavor roster this season, replacing Pistachio and Rocky Road, which will be in rotation as specials. We’re also bringing back an old favorite as a perm flavor, Cherry Vanilla, as American as Monticello, to mix a presidential metaphor, if you believe Washington actually cut down that cherry tree.

We’ll be running specials this season to repeat the process all over again next year. 

Here’s each new perm flavor:

Chocolate Chip Cookie - Creamy brown sugar ice cream with chocolate chips. A homemade chocolate chip cookie in a cup or cone.

Nutter Butter - Rich brown sugar ice cream with a mighty satisfying peanut butter ripple

Cherry Vanilla - The classic: smooth cherry infused ice cream mixed with chunky black cherries.


Skipper Gelato - We’re bringing back another classic from years ago: The Skipper Gelato. Alternating layers of our super delicious vanilla soft serve and any water ice flavor of your choice. We particularly love it with mango.


Pepperidge Farm Pretzel Goldfish – Whether you’re 5 or 50, these salty little guys bring a smile to any face, and on ice cream, they’re wonderful. We particularly like them on black raspberry ice cream with just a dash of caramel.

Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle – Named Snack of the Year for good reason, these thin brownie wafers when crumbled on ice cream are nothing short of spectacular. We like them on our Death by Chocolate or mixed into a Skipper Twister with M&Ms.

Fruity Pebbles – Few memories make us as happy as Saturday morning cartoons served with the perfect accompaniment of a super sweetened rainbow colored cereal. We always liked Fruity Pebbles the best, not just for use of the Flinstones — but for the wonderful cereal milk that was always left behind to slurp out of the bowl. And as a topping, it’s like your childhood all over again.

Granola – For crunchy granola types, we’re proud to offer, well, some granola. We partake of it ourselves at times. It’s good for you, and great with vanilla frozen yogurt and toasted coconut topping.