Our Menu

What are your vegan options?

  • Dairy-Free Soy Hard Vanilla
  • Dole Whip Pineapple Soft Serve
  • Coconut Milk Soft Serve
  • Water Ices (rotating flavors)

Does the Rainbow Sherbet contain milk?

Yes. It is made with non-fat milk.

What are your gluten-free options?

We have a gluten-free menu that lists all of the available flavors, cones, and toppings in the shop. Please ask an Authorized Dipper upon arrival for the ingredients binder.

What are your No-Sugar-Added flavors?

A No-Sugar-Added Nonfat Soft Serve Vanilla Yogurt (vanilla can be used to make any of the hand blended soft-serve flavors), and rotating No-Sugar-Added hard flavors.

What sweetener is in your No Sugar Added flavors?


What are your Fat-Free options?

No-Sugar-Added, Nonfat Soft Serve Vanilla Yogurt.

What are your safest nut-free options?

Soft-Serve Vanilla, Chocolate and No-Sugar-Added Yogurt.