Many of our current and former employees will tell you that Skipper Dipper is the best job they ever had. Why? Because we believe in creating joy for both our guests and our team. 

We're now hiring for Summer 2019. Skipper Dipper offers:

  • Fun, fast-paced, team-driven environment

  • A minimum of 4 shifts a week with option to work more

  • Highly competitive pay plus hourly tips, yearly increases and bonus opportunities

  • Flexible scheduling via smartphone app and text

  • Paycheck direct deposited every Friday

  • In-store employee discounts for you, your friends and your family

  • Staff-only events and breakfasts

  • Employee merit recognition program

  • Opportunity for growth and advancement

  • Professional atmosphere

  • Free ice cream every shift

As an Authorized Dipper, you will:

  • Serve delicious ice cream and other tasty frozen treats

  • Work in a rarely dull, never boring environment

  • Gain valuable real-world professional experience that will serve you for a lifetime

  • Be part of a shop widely considered an institution on LBI with an employee alumni network ranging from Congressional staffers to TV producers

  • Experience the **joy** of delighting guests with ice cream

Authorized Dippers are expected to:

  • Demonstrate a passion for our customer service mission

  • Maintain an unflagging attention to detail, a willingness to clean and a consistently positive attitude

  • Be familiar with our menu and product offerings

  • Exhibit professionalism at all times

  • Be available to work holidays, weekends and late nights

  • Provide the warmest, most welcoming and best-in-class customer service to every guest

Let's create some joy together!

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We're flexible employers, but we also require flexibility in return. You won't be scheduled every day that you're available, but it's very important for us to recruit a team with a blend of availability to ensure that we have enough staff to get through busy periods.
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First day of employment in 2019
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Last day of employment in 2019
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***We'll need lots of staff for Aug 30th and 31st and September 1st and 2nd.***
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